This is the blog for Samantha Melvin. She writes about her recent diagnosis of bipolar 1 as well as her terminal situation of being ethnically ambiguous. She also writes about random, stupid, and/or fantastic things that she comes across in life.

Blog posts will be posted once a week on Saturdays unless otherwise stated. There will also be bonus posts throughout the week.

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About Samantha

I am Samantha.


I read voraciously, I write intensely, and I cook with gusto. I teach at a regional university as well as the local community college. Most of the time, I work with international students, but I have learned that working with individuals in lower-income areas is just as–if not more–fulfilling for me. My household consists of a dopey Whippet-mix that my husband and I adopted and a beautiful, fat Manx cat, who was also rescued. My ethnic heritage is that of the Philippines and of the United States (Appalachian Tennessee); I was just recently diagnosed with bipolar 1. These are non-defining  traits of mine, but they are treated as though they are on a regular basis.

This blog is about the tightrope I walk between being white and Filipino, between being manic, “normal,” and depressive.

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Name:  Samantha Melvin

Websites: livingonatightrope.wordpress.com


Twitter: @SamJMelvin